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"As the leader of SJC, our president shoulders responsibility for the integrity of our institution." -Interim Dean Rehmann #VisionandValues
"Strong leadership and integrity go together.” -Interim Dean Jill Rehmann #VisionandValues

Adam Sherlip '07

Jahangir Kabir, M.B.A. '05

Keisha Allsop-Harsey '11

Matt Skolnick '14

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Anna Perrone Geary ’69 and her husband, Bob, have been on two cruises: one to Canada and the other to the Panama Canal.



Bryan Gill ’06, M.B.A. ’10, and Jennifer Carrick ’06 were married on July 28, 2013.



Margaret Williams Schroder ’62 has four daughters and 10 grandchildren.



Carole Rooney Morris ’61 and husband, Victor, attended a 50th anniversary celebration for Gabrielle Tinley McDonough ’61 and her husband, Ed.