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SJC Long Island Capital Improvements

SJC Long Island underwent many capital improvements in summer 2015. The updates were the first part of a beautification process that will conclude next summer. The improvements included revamping the Quad and gardens behind O’Connor Hall, creating an Admissions and Hospitality Center and a Student Success Center, developing the Center for Wellness and beautifying the entrance off of Roe Boulevard.

Entrance off of Roe Boulevard  The new Quad was revamped.  New benches surround the Quad.  The Quad was completely revamped. Two brick columns welcome all at the Roe Boulevard entrance.  Entrance off of Roe Boulevard.  Entrance off of Roe Boulevard.  The Admissions and Hospitality CenterTesting center in the Student Success Center.  Academic Center  Student Success Center  A look from inside the Student Success CenterFlowers are being planted where the tennis courts and portable classrooms previously were.  Benches behind O'Connor Hall   Behind O'Connor Hall  Behind O'Connor HallThe lobby of the Center for Wellness at 319 W. Roe Boulevard.  Inside the Center for Wellness  The Center for Wellness was one of many places to undergo improvements.  Center for Wellness

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