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SJC Greeks Go National

by Brian Sutch

The Greek-life organizations at St. Joseph’s College are expanding their horizons and setting their sights on the national stage.

Last November, the Delta Psi Omega fraternity became the first such club at SJC to join with a national organization when it was inducted as a local chapter of Delaware-based Alpha Phi Delta, the largest national fraternity in the New York metropolitan area.

Founded on November 4, 1996, Delta Psi Omega is the oldest of the two fraternities and three sororities to originate on the Long Island Campus (the Brooklyn Campus is home to one local fraternity and one local sorority). With more than 100 brothers — including current students and alumni — the club holds several annual events that raise thousands of dollars each year for charities such as The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation and The Dion Arroyo Scholarship Fund, the latter being the first and only student-organized scholarship in SJC history.

“The decision to go national was made through years of hard work, dedication and careful research from the brothers of Delta Psi Omega,” said chapter president John Napoli ’13, a junior mathematics major at the Long Island Campus.

“We look forward to the upcoming years as an Alpha Phi Delta fraternity and continuing our efforts to better the St. Joseph’s College community, as well as the communities around us.”

The merger with Alpha Phi Delta, which comprises more than 50 local chapters and 20,000 members nationwide, dramatically increases networking opportunities for the brothers of Delta Psi Omega and enhances St. Joseph’s status on a national level.

It also marks a major milestone for Greek life at SJC, where two additional clubs have made the jump to national organizations in recent months. Long Island’s Sigma Xi Epsilon recently became a chapter of Michigan-based Delta Kappa Epsilon, a 160-year-old international fraternity that counts five former U.S. presidents among its notable alumni. Additionally, Alpha Gamma Delta, an international fraternity for women headquartered in Indianapolis, has established a new chapter on the Brooklyn and Long Island campuses with approximately 60 SJC students as charter members.

Greek members of a national organization can reap the benefits of belonging to a close-knit, vibrant and ever-growing student community that prides itself on academic achievement, service to the community, focus on diversity, leadership development, strong networking opportunities and a strong connection to both their College and each other’s traditions.

For organizations at St. Joseph’s College, a commuter school where nearly 85 percent of alumni stay close-by after graduating, students and alumni have an instant network that not only spans across the nation but across international lines as well.

“St. Joseph’s College has a rich history of academic and social student organizations, which have included a vibrant, local Greek population,” said Dean of Students and Student Life Susan Hudec, Ph.D.

“The addition of these national fraternities adds to the prestige of the College’s student-life social offerings.”

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