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Faculty News and Notes – Fall 2012


Michael J. Hanophy, Ph.D., and Valerie Giordano, Ph.D., presented a paper, “Creating a Dynamic Laboratory Atlas with Social Bookmarking,” at the 19th annual American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE). Dr. Hanophy also gave a presentation, “Alexander Fleming and the Beginnings of Biofilm Research,” at the 29th annual meeting of North Eastern Microbiologists for Physiology, Ecology and Taxonomy (NEMPET).

Business Administration and Accounting

Charles Pendola, J.D., C.P.A., M.P.S., contributed an article, “Should Health Care in the United States be Considered a Public Utility?” to the spring 2012 issue of the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Newscast.

Child Study

In May 2012, Katherine L. Granelli, Ed.D., presented “Discovering the Hidden Reading and Language Capabilities of Children with Autistic Disorder,” her work on autism and language as it relates to reading ability, at the YAI Network’s 33rd Annual International Conference in New York City.

In June, Edgar Daniels, M.S., NBCT, M.A.L.S., presented at the 2012 New York State Council for Exceptional Children Student Leadership Conference, held at Dowling College in Oakdale, N.Y. His presentation was titled “Five Basic Questions About Cooperative Learning.”


During the summer of 2012, Phillip Dehne, Ph.D., presented “Economic warfare as the basis of peace: The development of Lord Robert Cecil’s ideas” at the Narratives of Peace Conference, University of Sheffield, England; and “Breaking out of the Majestic: Lord Robert Cecil’s cosmopolitan social life during the Paris Peace Conference 1919” at the Britain and the World Conference, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He also spent some time doing related research at Churchill Archives Center at the University of Cambridge.


Diane Pfadenhauer, J.D., S.P.H.R., presented at several conferences in 2012, including the New York Biotechnology Association’s 21st annual meeting, the 2012 New York State Society of Human Resource Management’s annual conference and the New York State Society of CPAs’ annual nonprofit conference. Her latest book, a guide to wage and hour law, was published this summer.

Mathematics and Computer Science

David Seppala-Holtzman, Ph.D., presented his paper “An Optimal Basketball Free Throw” at the annual conference of the Mathematical Association of America, Metro New York Section in May 2012. The paper is due to be published in the November 2012 issue of the College Mathematics Journal. Four of Dr. Seppala-Holtzman’s senior math students — Teresa Napoli, Elizabeth Fiorella, Alison Nunziata and Megan Dever — joined him at the conference and presented their research from the previous term’s senior seminar: a mathematical analysis of the video game “Flood-It!” A fifth student, Paige Cardaci, was unable to attend the conference, but was an active contributor to the research.

Modern Languages

María Montoya, Ph.D., presented the paper “Beyond the Battlefield: Representations of the Bosnian Conflict in 20th Century Spanish Narrative” at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference in Rochester, N.Y., in March 2012. Another of Dr. Montoya’s papers, “Writing War: Baghdad, Beirut, and Sarajevo in Contemporary Spanish Literature,” was published in CiberLetras, Lehman College’s journal of literary criticism and culture, in May 2012.

Professional and Graduate Studies

Reneé Kantro ’98, M.B.A., has been appointed to the executive board of Friends of the Fire Island National Seashore (FFINS), a not-for-profit organization that promotes proper stewardship of park resources.


William Bengston, Ph.D., presented “Lessons from the Lab” as a special invited lecturer at Duke University in April 2012. Five of his articles have been published in academic journals since summer 2011, and a German edition of his 2010 book, The Energy Cure, was published by VAK Verlags GmbH as Bengston Energy Healing — Heilen aus dem Nichts in 2011.

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