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In Memoriam: Fall 2014


  • Clare R. O’Connor ’33
  • Frances Oliveri Baicich ’37
  • Elisabeth Bressi ’39
  • Florence Ryan Dias ’42
  • Marian Harvey Higgins ’46
  • Grace Devoy Lee ’47
  • Marie C. Gribbin ’48
  • Elfriede Kast Fanning ’49
  • Georgette A. Bomer Brown ’50
  • Gloria Lopez Bruschini ’51
  • Mary J. Keenan Shannon ’51
  • Mary E. Farrell Young ’58
  • Mary Lou Fitzgerald Cain ’60
  • Henrietta Salpietro ’61
  • Regina J. Foley Edwards ’62
  • Claudette A. Townsend ’66
  • Maureen Quinn Scherer ’68
  • Ann Pearson Tarzia ’84
  • Sheila Heffernan Axon ’95


Friends and Family

  • Paul Ciesla, son of Marietta Trinneer Ciesla  ’62 and nephew of Suzanne Trinneer Drumm ’59
  • William Garrett Dillon, husband of Margaret Pyle Dillon ’47
  • Marie DiSarno, mother of Adrienne DiSarno Jentz ’69 and Marianne DiSarno Fahey ’72
  • Robert Fanning, husband of Elfriede Kast Fanning ’49
  • Phyllis Grygalin Panchok, mother of Frances Berry Panchok ’68
  • Michael Guinan, brother of Joan Guinan Lunney ’59
  • Robert Lohnes, husband of Magaly Lopez-Lohnes ’66
  • Robert P. Mastondrea, husband of Virginia Humes Mastondrea ‘64
  • Jeremiah B. McKenna, husband of Nettie Rementeria McKenna ’54
  • Rudolph Morawek, husband of Graceann Vento Morawek ’61
  • Walter Nelson, husband of Mary Theresa Moringiello Nelson ’76 and father of Pia Nelson ’07
  • Joseph Norris, father of Margaret Norris Broda ’04, Catherine Norris ’09 and Lauren Norris ’11
  • Lynn Riviere, husband of Marie Marciano ’63
  • Anthony Charles Rocca, brother of Marie Rocca Arvay ’69
  • Nicholas Spilotro, husband of Mary Pometto Spilotro ’64


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