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Jennifer Velez McGuire ’97

Jennifer Velez McGuire ’97 celebrated her daughter Amber’s graduation from kindergarten in June.

Denise McLinden Guadagno ’92

Denise McLinden Guadagno ’92 has three children: Nicole, Ryan and Ava. Denise is currently working as a speech-language pathologist, serving early intervention and preschoolers. She is thankful for the excellent education received at St. Joseph’s, and all the fun memories.

Conrad Brown ’93

Conrad Brown ’93 is the new chief nursing officer and vice president for First Choice Emergency Room in Texas.

Regina Cirigialiano-Kieran ’94

Regina Cirigialiano-Kieran ’94 is in her 19th year of teaching in New York City. She wrote her first grant in 2009, and to date has had more than 60 grants fully funded, totaling about $30,000 in supplies for classrooms. In June 2012, she was nominated by for People magazine’s teacher of the year.


Steven Mahoney ’95

Steven Mahoney ’95 is a retired police officer, and now works for the United States Postal Service.

Louisa Mendez-Vigne ’98

Louisa Mendez-Vigne ’98 and her husband, Joel, are very happy to announce the birth of their second daughter, Isabelle Makayla, who was born in December 2011. Older sister Caitlin is thrilled to have a new sibling.