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Nora Alfieri Collis ’73

Nora Alfieri Collis ’73 recently moved to Longboat Key, Fla., and is now officially a “snowbird.” Nora celebrated her 40th  anniversary in June. She is a proud grandmother to, Averie, 4; Austin, 2; and Owen, 1.

Cathy Ulmer Condon ’73

Cathy Ulmer Condon ’73 is teaching science in East New York, Brooklyn. She has two adult sons, Tom and Brian, who are living in Bay Ridge.

Josephine Di Vernieri ’73

Josephine Di Vernieri ’73 moved back to Staten Island and is now living in Oakwood Heights. She’s retired from the Department of Education in January 2013, and is spending time learning the Italian language and walking her new baby shih tzu, Sammy.

Mary Beth Donovan ’73

Mary Beth Donovan ’73 works as a part-time consultant. Her travels have taken her to the Far East and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sigrid Brandt Frawley ’73

Sigrid Brandt Frawley ’73 has been an adjunct instructor at Montclair State University since 2007. Sigrid retired from teaching kindergarten in Tenafly, N.J., in 2011. She was surprised by one of her college students, who announced that Sigrid was their kindergarten teacher 18 years ago!

Marcella Maher Freisen ’73

Marcella Maher Freisen ’73 lives in Mountainside, N.J., and works as an evaluation coordinator at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. She and her husband, Joe, rebuilt their house in Breezy Point in 2011 and were able to restore it after Hurricane Sandy.