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Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy ’65

Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy ’65 has released her newest book, The Scent of Italian Cooking. It is a cookbook of Italian-American recipes passed down to her from her grandmother, mother and other Italian relatives, as well as some that she created herself. The book is available on

Annette Di Salvo Boyle ’68

Annette Di Salvo Boyle ’68 retired five years ago after serving 33 years as a U.S. Customs Service inspector. She have been living in Bermuda for 35 years with her husband and corgi dog. She is also retired from her 25-year career as a teacher in Bermuda. Annette returns to New York every year to visit her sister and niece. She invites her 1968 classmates to look her up if they ever visit Bermuda.

Eileen Luongo O’Donnell ’69

Eileen Luongo O’Donnell ’69 has retired after 40 years of dedicated service to the children and parents of the Dillon Child Study Center. Eileen began at the Dillon Center immediately after her graduation from St. Joseph’s College, and has been an integral part of that special place ever since.

Annette De Salvo Boyle ’68

Annette De Salvo Boyle ’68 has been living in Bermuda for 35 years and does not miss New York at all — especially the snow. She retired from teaching in June 2013 after 32 years, but she is now tutoring seven students in English and math on the middle school level, and teaching CCD at her parish church. Annette encourages her 1968 classmates to look her up if they ever visit Bermuda.

Barbara Vaskis Crapa ’67

Barbara Vaskis Crapa ’67 has two grandson: Baird, 14, and Sebastian, 12.

Magalay Lopez Lohnes ’66

Magalay Lopez Lohnes ’66 is sad to report that her husband of 44 years, Robert C. Lohnes, passed away on March 15 while awaiting a bone marrow transplant. In May, his family and friends took part in a 5K fundraiser at Roosevelt Island for the Icla da Silva Foundation, to raise money for transplants.