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Margaret Cooney Darraugh ’57

Margaret Cooney Darraugh ’57 put her traveling plans on hold until she adjusts to a new knee.

Patricia Higgins ’57

Patricia Higgins ’57 is planning her spring planting on her lawn overlooking Candlewood Lake, Ct.

Judy Martin Lucas ’57

Margaret “Judy” Martin Lucas ’57 has a 1-year-old grandson. She has lived in Seattle since 2010. The impetus for the move was a medical crisis in the family. In 2007 her daughter, Diana, and son-in-law, Derek Streat, had a daughter, Adelaide Grace. Shortly before the child’s second birthday, she suffered total kidney failure. By autumn 2010, her medical team considered her stable enough for surgery. So, with daughter Amanda as donor, the transplant was accomplished in November of that year. Today, her granddaughter Addie is bright and rambunctious going on 5 years old. Amanda has just run a half-marathon. Judy and her family are extremely grateful to all the classmates (and family, friends and even some total strangers) who supported them with their prayers and kind thoughts. They felt surrounded by love throughout the long road from 2007 to 2010 and today. She gives thanks and much love to all.

Eileen Blaber Maloney ’57

Eileen Blaber Maloney ’57 updated classmates Margaret Cooney Darraugh, Margaret “Judy” Martin Lucas, Virginia Mosca and Patricia Higgins on her trip to New Zealand.

Mary Peyton McGrover ’57

Mary Peyton McGrover ’57 has been active with the National Alliance on Mental Illness for the past 12 years; her son suffers from bipolar disorder. Mary is a group facilitator for support groups, is on her parish’s bereavement committee, sings at nursing homes, assists residents, sews for mothers in need and belongs to a weekly prayer group of 18 women. She is in Naples, Fla., from January to February, and in Point Lookout, N.Y., in August. Mary stays in contact with her five siblings across United States. She has six granddaughters from her three sons. She is related to the Rev. Patrick Peyton (1909-1992), who is close to being beatified. She believes “a family that prays together stays together.”

Virginia Mosca ’57

Virginia Mosca ’57 is very involved with the religious communities in Brentwood, N.Y.