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Violet Castana Falcone ’42

Diane Falcone Trentacoste regrets to announce that her mother, Violet Castana Falcone ’42, passed away in December 2013 at the age of 94.

Lillian Santoro Signorelli ’43

Lillian Santoro Signorelli ’43 and her husband, Joe, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last June.

Helen Brancato Donato ’43

Helen Brancato Donato ’43 and her husband, John F. Donato, have been married for 69 years. They have seven children, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. They are very grateful for God’s blessings.

Mary O’Keefe McGahon ’48

Mary O’Keefe McGahon ’48 is retired.

Annabelle Mealey Skoglind ’49

Annabelle Mealey Skoglind ’49 is keeping busy with church and her seniors and literacy class. She has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Agatha Walsh O’Brien ’40

Agatha Walsh O’Brien ’40 and son, Peter, both enjoy the mild Oregon winters and activities at Mary’s Woods. Agatha recommends the water aerobics and use of its chapel for daily Mass.